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Not encouraging…

Published on February 18th, 2014

According to the SCMP China is instructing government officials to avoid researchers and economists from foreign banks and other institutions if those banks take a negative line on China’s economic problems, particularly its growing debt.

To start in defence of China, a major frustration of (non-Chinese) real estate players in China is the way that China matters are reported outside of the region. In the media outside of Asia, China is all about the bubbles and it is still the case that if you type ‘China real estate’ into the site tries to auto-complete with ‘bubble’.

Nonetheless, this policy of non-cooperation is a major step back for China, not least because it comes within the context of wider media clampdowns. This might not seem to be of interest to real estate investors, but if China becomes more insular with regard to the spread of information, it is unlikely to become more open to the spread of investment.



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